Tommy Robinson Removed from Antisemitism March in London

Tommy Robinson, the controversial founder of the English Defence League, faced a dispersal order at a recent march against antisemitism in London.

Police Action: Robinson was seen being placed into a police van near the Royal Courts of Justice, as reported by Sky News. This action was taken ahead of the afternoon’s march, which aimed to show solidarity against antisemitism.

Organizers’ Stance: Despite being asked by the event’s organizers to stay away, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who goes by the name Tommy Robinson, was among those present at the march. His presence was not welcomed by the organizers, who have distanced themselves from far-right elements.

Campaign Against Antisemitism Speaks Out: A spokesperson for the Campaign Against Antisemitism emphasized that individuals associated with far-right movements, including those who exhibited violent behavior on Armistice Day, are not allies of the Jewish community. The spokesperson stated that such individuals are not welcome at the solidarity march.

Community’s Response: The Jewish community and the organizers of the march have made it clear that they seek peaceful and inclusive demonstrations against antisemitism, distancing themselves from any far-right affiliations.

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