USS Carney Targeted by Houthi Missiles and Drones in the Red Sea

In a significant escalation of hostilities in the Red Sea, the USS Carney, an Arleigh Burke-Class Guided-Missile Destroyer of the United States Navy, has reportedly been attacked by the Houthis operating out of Western Yemen.

Details of the Attack: According to U.S. Defense Officials, the USS Carney faced a coordinated assault involving anti-ship missiles and drones. This attack underscores the increasing threat posed by the Houthi group in the strategically crucial maritime region.

Previous Engagement: The USS Carney had previously been instrumental in thwarting a Houthi offensive on October 19th, successfully intercepting four land-attack cruise missiles and 15 drones that were launched towards Southern Israel. This prior engagement highlights the destroyer’s key role in maintaining regional security and countering Houthi aggression.

Aid to Commercial Vessel: The attack on the USS Carney reportedly occurred while the destroyer was engaged in providing assistance to a British Bahamas-flagged commercial vessel, which had earlier been allegedly struck by a missile launched by the Houthis. The incident points to the heightened risks faced by naval and commercial vessels operating in the Red Sea, a vital corridor for international shipping.

Escalation of Conflict: This latest attack on a U.S. Navy vessel marks a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict in Yemen and the broader region. The Houthis have increasingly targeted military and commercial vessels, posing a substantial threat to maritime security.

International Implications: The attack on the USS Carney is likely to draw international attention and could lead to a reassessment of naval strategies in the region. With the Red Sea being a critical route for global trade, the security of naval assets and commercial shipping remains a top priority for the international community.

Ongoing Monitoring: U.S. Defense Officials and international maritime authorities are closely monitoring the situation, as the attack on the USS Carney adds to the complexities of the conflict in Yemen and the security challenges in the Red Sea.

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