Ex-PM Abbasi Warns of Chaos in Upcoming Elections, Alleges Political Engineering

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, the veteran politician and former Prime Minister of Pakistan, raised serious concerns about the upcoming general elections scheduled for February 8. In a statement to the media outside the anti-corruption department office in Rawalpindi, Abbasi warned that the elections might lead to chaos, pointing towards alleged political engineering and manipulation in the electoral process.

Abbasi, who was present for interrogation in a case related to embezzlement in the Ghora Gali and Marri Road projects, emphasized that elections are a revered process in any democratic nation. He expressed his fear that making the elections controversial would be detrimental to Pakistan’s stability and development. He criticized the current political scenario, saying that the three largest political parties in the country have failed to provide effective solutions to the pressing problems facing Pakistan.

The former Prime Minister predicted the emergence of new political parties in Pakistan soon, reflecting on the shifting dynamics within the country’s political landscape. He clarified that although he has stepped back from contesting in the elections, he remains actively engaged in politics and is considering the formation of a new political party post-elections.

In his interaction with the media, Abbasi questioned the credibility of the National Accountability Board (NAB) and other anti-corruption institutions, labeling them as the most corrupt organizations in the country. He highlighted the need for accountability within these institutions to restore public faith in the electoral and governance processes.

Abbasi’s comments come amidst a backdrop of widespread skepticism and dissatisfaction with the election process in Pakistan. He urged the leaders across the political, military, and judicial spectrum to come together and chart a path forward for the nation that is inclusive and representative of the people’s aspirations.

On a personal note, Abbasi criticized the manner in which he was summoned for interrogation, calling it a form of harassment and an indication of the challenges faced by politicians in the current climate. He denied the allegations against him regarding the embezzlement case, stating that the projects in question were not even executed.

As Pakistan heads towards a crucial electoral juncture, the former Prime Minister’s warnings and suggestions underscore the need for a transparent, fair, and credible electoral process.

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