Israeli Foreign Minister Proposes Artificial Island Solution for Gazans

In a recent meeting with EU ministers in Brussels, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz introduced a proposal for addressing the Palestinian issue. The suggestion involves the construction of an artificial island in the Mediterranean Sea, situated three miles off the Gaza coast, and connected to the mainland by a bridge.

The proposed island, spanning a length of 2.5 miles, would be equipped with a port for the transfer of passengers and cargo directly to Gaza. The plan also envisions the possibility of an airport on the island in the future. Katz, who has advocated for this idea for seven years, first conceived it while serving as Israel’s transport minister. Despite his persistent efforts, the proposal has often been met with skepticism from other ministers and policymakers.

The introduction of this concept at the Brussels meeting, attended by 27 EU foreign ministers, signals a shift from the traditional two-state solution discourse. Katz’s presentation included a video detailing the plan’s logistics and potential benefits.

However, the proposal has elicited mixed reactions in Brussels, particularly among EU representatives who convened with the objective of laying the groundwork for a “comprehensive peace plan.” The meeting also included input from foreign ministers of Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

Katz’s suggestion comes at a time of ongoing tension and stalled peace processes in the region. The proposal raises numerous questions and further shows how Palestinians are currently being displaced and plans being made for further displacement..

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