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Zaka Ashraf Resigns from PCB

Zaka Ashraf, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee, has officially resigned from his role, marking a significant change in the leadership of Pakistan’s cricket administration.

Ashraf’s tenure as the chairman began in July 2023 and was originally set for a four-month period. However, the caretaker Prime Minister, who also acts as the PCB’s patron, extended this term by an additional three months. Despite this extension, the caretaker federal cabinet imposed several restrictions on the powers of the PCB Management Committee. As per the notification issued by the Inter-Provincial Coordination Ministry, the committee was barred from making any high-level appointments and was limited to handling the election process for the Board of Governors and the Chairman, alongside managing daily operational affairs.

The restrictions also explicitly stated that the committee was not allowed to make any policy decisions or receive any further extensions beyond the three-month period. These limitations played a pivotal role in Ashraf’s decision to resign, not only from the chairman position but also as a member of the Board of Governors. Sources close to the matter revealed that Ashraf’s resignation stemmed from a lack of authority granted by the Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC), leading to his decision to step down.

Ashraf’s departure signifies a crucial moment for Pakistan cricket, marking the end of his leadership era and paving the way for new governance in the PCB. The focus now shifts to the upcoming election of the Board of Governors and the Chairman, which will determine the future course of cricket administration in Pakistan.

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