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COAS Asim Munir Vows No Compromise on May 9 Riot Planners

by Mohammed Ahmed

As Pakistan marked the anniversary of the May 9 riots, Army Chief General Asim Munir reiterated the military’s unwavering position against compromising with the architects of the unrest that saw military installations targeted. This tumultuous period in Pakistan’s history began with the arrest of then-Prime Minister Imran Khan over a corruption case, sparking widespread protests and the subsequent arrest of numerous party leaders and activists.

In a statement released by the Inter Services Public Relations, General Munir described the day as a “black day” in Pakistan’s history, characterized by orchestrated violence against state symbols and national unity. The events, according to General Munir, were a result of deliberate indoctrination and misguided actions by certain political entities, which not only marred the nation’s image but also invited ridicule from its adversaries.

General Munir emphasized that the state could not overlook the planners and leaders of these riots, who he claimed were now attempting to manipulate the narrative to depict themselves as victims. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has extended a benefit of doubt to those who were unwittingly drawn into the violence, recognizing them as pawns in a larger scheme. However, those with proven involvement and leadership in orchestrating the violence are facing stringent accountability.

The Army Chief’s statement underscored a commitment to upholding justice and the constitution, asserting that provocations against the state’s forbearance should not be mistaken for weakness. He also reassured military personnel that the honor of martyrs and the military institution would be fiercely protected, and those responsible for the May 9 events would face the full force of the law.

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