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Dead Boar Dumped at Skovde Mosque

by Mohammed Ahmed
Dead Boar Dumped at Skovde Mosque

Swedish authorities have launched an investigation into a hate crime after a dead boar was discovered outside a mosque in Skovde, a town in southern Sweden. The incident, which occurred overnight, involved an unidentified individual dumping the animal at the mosque’s facade.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Swedish police confirmed the mosque had “a pig thrown at its facade,” classifying the complaint as agitation against an ethnic group. The police noted that other charges might be considered as the investigation progresses.

Smajo Sahat, the head of the foundation managing the mosque, clarified that the dead animal was later identified as a wild boar. “I came this morning and saw it, it was dead,” Sahat reported. Surveillance footage revealed that a person arrived in a car and threw the boar at the mosque. The identity of the individual remains unknown.

Sahat mentioned that the mosque, which opened a year ago and serves approximately 1,000 members, had not received any recent threats. “When it comes to why someone would do this, we can only speculate,” he remarked.

The incident has heightened concerns about Islamophobia and safety within the community. Police are currently reviewing the surveillance footage in hopes of identifying the perpetrator and are urging anyone with information to come forward.

This event adds to a troubling pattern of hate crimes targeting religious and ethnic minorities in various parts of Europe. The Swedish police and local authorities have emphasized their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all community members.

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