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Deadly Stabbing at German Political Rally Live-Streamed on YouTube

by Mohammed Ahmed
Policeman Dies After Stabbing Attack at Right-Wing Demonstration in Mannheim

In a shocking and violent incident, a knifeman attacked several bystanders and a police officer at a political rally in Mannheim, Germany. The rally featured anti-Islamist campaigner Michael Stuerzenberger and was organized by the Citizens’ Movement Pax Europa (BPE), a group advocating against the ‘Islamisation’ of Europe.

The chaos erupted when a man dressed in a dark hooded jacket and tracksuit bottoms tackled a victim, believed to be Stuerzenberger, to the ground and began violently stabbing him with a large blade. Terrified onlookers screamed as other BPE members rushed to intervene, trying to drag the attacker away. However, the assailant broke free and continued his attack, causing significant injuries.

Police arrived at the scene swiftly, but not before the attacker had left two people bleeding on the cobblestones. In a desperate attempt to stop the bloodshed, an officer tried to aid one of the victims but was stabbed in the neck by the attacker. The police then opened fire, shooting the knifeman at near point-blank range and bringing him down.

The entire horrific episode was captured by a cameraman live-streaming the event on the BPE’s YouTube page. The stream has since been removed, but it concluded with paramedics arriving to provide first aid to at least three victims.

Mannheim Police issued a brief statement online following the attack, confirming a major police operation was underway but providing no further details on the condition of the victims or the assailant. “There is currently a major police operation on the market square in Mannheim. A rescue helicopter is also in use. No further information can be given at this time,” the statement read.

Prior to the attack, Stuerzenberger, 59, had acknowledged the potential for violence, emphasizing the need for de-escalation during his speech. He referenced an earlier confrontation with an agitated individual, underscoring the contentious atmosphere surrounding the event.

Germany has seen heightened tensions around issues of Islam and immigration, exacerbated by the rising popularity of right-wing political entities like the ‘Alternative for Germany’ (AfD) party. The AfD has capitalized on anti-Islam and anti-immigration sentiments, gaining significant traction in recent state elections.

This attack is a stark reminder of the intense and sometimes violent divisions within the country.

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