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Hania Aamir Calls for Peace in Gaza at Hum Style Awards

by Mohammed Ahmed

At the recent Kashmir Hum Style Awards 2024, renowned for celebrating the luminaries of Pakistan’s fashion, film, and drama industries, actress Hania Aamir took a bold stand for Gaza during her acceptance speech. The ceremony, a grand affair attended by stars from various sectors including sports, was also a platform where significant social and political statements were made.

Hania Aamir, who was recognized as the most stylish actress in television, used her moment on stage not just to thank her supporters but to highlight the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people, Aamir emphasized the importance of using one’s influence and social media reach to advocate for peace and human rights.

“Today, I want to raise my voice for the innocent people of Gaza. This is an important platform for all of us where we can raise our voices for the rights of Palestine,” Aamir stated, addressing the assembled audience of her peers and fans. Her speech resonated with many, underscoring the role public figures can play in international advocacy.

Aamir’s call to action, “Whether you are famous or not, social media is a platform that we can use for the rights of Gaza. Use your platform to speak for Gaza and let your voice be heard to the whole world,” highlighted a proactive approach to social issues, urging individuals to leverage their digital presence for a greater cause.

The actress concluded her speech with a poignant appeal, “Let’s come together! Stay on the right side of history.” Her words not only amplified the call for peace in Gaza but also served as a reminder of the impact that voices in entertainment can have on pressing global issues.

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