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John Fury Bloodied in Altercation at Usyk-Fury Media Day

by Mohammed Ahmed

In a dramatic prelude to what’s billed as one of the century’s most significant boxing matches, John Fury, the father of British heavyweight Tyson Fury, was left bloodied after an alleged altercation with a member of Oleksandr Usyk’s team. This incident occurred during the media day ahead of their upcoming fight in Saudi Arabia, where both boxers will vie for the undisputed heavyweight championship—a title last held in totality by Lennox Lewis in 1999.

The altercation reportedly started when John Fury engaged in a verbal and physical confrontation with a member of Usyk’s camp. According to eyewitnesses, the tension escalated quickly, resulting in John Fury attempting to head-butt someone from Usyk’s team, which led to him having blood on his face. Videos circulating online show Fury squaring up and being restrained by security as he and others exchanged heated words.

Despite the chaotic scenes, the incident concluded with a peaceful resolution. A member of Usyk’s team approached John Fury to extend an olive branch, leading to a handshake and a hug, signaling a temporary truce. John Fury was heard emphasizing that his camp had never spoken ill of the Ukrainian fighter, underscoring a respect for Usyk amidst the heated moments.

The scuffle drew various reactions from both camps, with Tyson Fury’s brother, Shane, also reportedly involved, expressing his frustration over the disrespect shown during the altercation. The event was filled with chants from both sides, with Usyk’s supporters chanting his name, while John Fury responded by chanting his own surname in defiance.

As the fight night approaches, this incident has added an extra layer of intrigue and intensity to the already highly anticipated match.

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