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Modi Claims He Will Make Pakistan Wear Bangles

by Mohammed Ahmed

In a campaign speech in Muzaffarpur, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made contentious remarks about Pakistan, promising to “make Pakistan wear bangles” if he wins the upcoming election. This statement was in apparent response to a recent comment by National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah, who had noted that Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons and is not to be underestimated.

Modi’s rhetoric emphasized a strong stance against Pakistan, suggesting that the INDIA bloc’s leaders are intimidated by Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities. He criticized these leaders for their perceived fear, asserting that his leadership would not be similarly daunted. His remarks were framed within a broader narrative of national security and strength, aimed at bolstering his electoral appeal.

The statement has generated significant discussion and controversy, highlighting the aggressive tone of Modi’s campaign. Critics argue that such rhetoric escalates tensions and distracts from more pressing domestic issues. Supporters, however, view it as a demonstration of strong leadership and a commitment to national defense.

Modi’s remarks are part of a larger pattern of confrontational rhetoric that has characterized his campaign strategy. As the election approaches, his focus on national security and his assertive posture towards Pakistan are likely to remain central themes.

India’s elections have often been filled with anti Pakistan rhetoric which for years has been a huge vote gainer, especially for Modi’s BJP.

The speech in Muzaffarpur is a clear indicator of Modi’s approach to rallying support, leveraging nationalist sentiments, and portraying himself as a decisive leader capable of confronting external threats. This strategy, while divisive, aims to consolidate his base and secure re-election.

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