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Protests Escalate in Azad Kashmir Over High Electricity and Flour Prices

by Mohammed Ahmed

Residents of Azad Kashmir have taken to the streets in a major demonstration against high electricity and flour prices, resulting in a shutter down and wheel-jam strike that entered its second day. The protests, organized by the People’s Action Committee, have seen increasing tensions as demonstrators clashed with police in several areas, including Tanga Stand, Aziz Chowk, and Shah Sultan Bridge.

The unrest began following a call for a long march from Muzaffarabad to Madina Market by the Awami Action Committee, prompting authorities to deploy heavy police contingents along the anticipated routes. This security measure, however, led to heightened frustrations among protesters, who responded by pelting stones and throwing glass bottles at police officers.

In addition to Muzaffarabad, the strike has spread to other major cities such as Kotli and Mirpur, where local traders have also closed their shops in solidarity, taking their grievances to the streets. All trade centers, offices, and academic institutions in these cities remain shut, paralyzing normal life and signaling widespread discontent with the regional government’s policies on utility and food costs.

Protesters have also gathered at district courts, demanding the release of individuals arrested in connection with the demonstrations. These protests highlight the community’s desperation in facing rising living costs, particularly for essential commodities like electricity and flour, which are crucial for daily life.

As the situation develops, the government faces increasing pressure to address the demonstrators’ demands and find a resolution to prevent further escalation of the conflict. The ongoing protests not only reflect economic distress but also signify a critical challenge to the administrative responsiveness in Azad Kashmir.

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