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Slovakian PM Robert Fico in Stable Condition After Attack

by Mohammed Ahmed

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico, 59, remains in serious but stable condition after undergoing further surgery following an attack in the small town of Handlova on Wednesday. The country’s health minister reported that Fico’s injuries, sustained from four close-range gunshots to his stomach and arm, are extensive and complicated. He has undergone multiple surgeries, including the latest to remove dead tissue.

Officials have stated that it is unlikely Fico will be moved back to Bratislava in the next few days. The suspect charged with attempting to murder him has been brought to court. Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estok confirmed that the suspect acted alone and had previously participated in anti-government protests.

The attack has left Slovakia tense and deeply polarized. Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinak has called for the country to embark on a path of tolerance, accusing the opposition and media of stirring up hatred. The political climate in Slovakia has been particularly hostile for over six months, although divisions date back to 2018, when a journalist investigating high-level corruption was murdered, leading to widespread protests and Fico’s resignation.

Fico’s re-election last year marked a significant comeback, achieved on a platform promising to end military aid to Kyiv, veto Ukraine’s NATO ambitions, and other positions more aligned with Moscow than Brussels. The recent attack has further exacerbated the already volatile political landscape in Slovakia, highlighting the urgent need for national unity and tolerance.

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