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US Emphasizes Prisoner Safety in Pakistan, Including for Imran Khan

by Mohammed Ahmed

The US State Department has recently underscored the significance of ensuring the safety and human rights of all prisoners in Pakistan, with a particular emphasis on the former Prime Minister, Imran Khan. This stance was articulated during a news briefing by Spokesperson Matthew Miller, following discussions between US Ambassador Donald Blome and leaders of the opposition party Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI).

During these discussions, Ambassador Blome met with PTI’s opposition leader Omar Ayub Khan and other senior members, where a range of issues vital to the US-Pakistan bilateral relationship were covered, including ongoing US economic support to Islamabad. Importantly, the talks also touched upon concerns regarding ‘fabricated’ charges against Mr. Khan, where Miller reaffirmed the US’s stance of political neutrality, emphasizing that the US does not take positions on Pakistani elections but stands firm on promoting basic human rights and impartiality towards political parties.

Furthermore, Miller addressed speculations around Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s involvement, confirming Schumer’s high prioritization of Khan’s safety in communications with the Pakistani ambassador, although he noted his unawareness of the specifics of their conversation. This dialogue underscores the broader US commitment to human rights, asserting that “every prisoner in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world is entitled to basic human rights and protection under the law.”

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