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Who is Mohammed Amra, the Gangster Freed in a Daring Prison Van Ambush?

by Mohammed Ahmed

In a violent ambush at the Incarville tollbooth on the A154 motorway in Normandy, France, three prison officers were killed and two others wounded when four gunmen attacked their vehicle. The assailants freed the detainee, Mohammed Amra, 30, a notorious gangster nicknamed ‘La Mouche’ (The Fly), who managed to escape the scene.

Amra, who was being transported between Rouen and Evreux, has a criminal record that includes convictions for burglary and attempted murder. He is known as the head of a narcotics network in France and is considered highly dangerous. His latest conviction was for aggravated thefts, specifically thefts from supermarkets and businesses in the suburbs of Évreux between August and October 2019, for which he was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Amra is also indicted for attempted homicide in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray and intentional homicide in Marseille, related to a drug trafficking case in Aubagne on June 17, 2022. His dangerous profile had led to heightened security measures, including solitary confinement and increased surveillance.

The ambush occurred while Amra was being transferred to another detention center on a route that was supposed to be secret. The attackers initially escaped in two cars, an Audi A5 and a BMW 5 series. The white Audi A5 was later found burned in Vatteville, Eure, indicating the gang’s attempt to cover their tracks.

Local authorities described the ambush as a well-coordinated attack, with the use of Kalashnikovs to overpower the prison convoy. The incident has raised serious concerns about the security protocols for transporting high-risk inmates and the safety of prison officers.

French officials, including Alexandre Rassaërt, president of the Eure Departmental Council, and Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti, have expressed their horror and sorrow over the attack. Rassaërt called for the swift arrest of those responsible and extended his condolences to the families of the victims.

Deputy Mayor of Vendée, Veronique Besse, also condemned the attack on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. She described the incident as a “scene of war” and criticized the perceived indifference of national leaders to such violent acts.

Following the ambush, police have closed the road indefinitely and are conducting a thorough investigation. Emergency services quickly responded to the scene, with footage posted online showing the chaotic aftermath, including the arrival of a fire engine.

As the search for Amra and the gunmen continues, the incident underscores the need for improved security measures in the transport of dangerous criminals and the ongoing risks faced by law enforcement officers.

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