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Journalist Imran Riaz Khan Faces Arrest Attempt Ahead of Hajj Departure

by Mohammed Ahmed

UPDATE: Journalist Imran Riaz Khan has been arrested at the airport despite court permission for Hajj.

Pakistani journalist Imran Riaz Khan is facing an attempted arrest at the airport as he prepares to depart for Hajj. Khan, who had just obtained court permission to undertake the pilgrimage, is encountering significant barriers and an unusual security presence at the airport.

Imran Riaz Khan, known for his outspoken journalism, tweeted about the situation earlier today: “There are reports that there is an unusual presence at the airport, another attempt may be made to stop me. May Allah be my witness that I tried my best. I’m going to the airport. If they want to arrest me to stop me from Hajj, I am ready even though I am on bail in all cases. Not required in any case. When summoned by a court, I appeared, cases encountered, Never run away, never run away, never run away. Wearing Ihram, I am going to the airport for my Hajj flight.”

Khan’s tweet highlights his determination to proceed with his pilgrimage despite the challenges. He emphasized that he is on bail for all pending cases and has consistently appeared in court when summoned, underscoring his commitment to legal processes.

The incident has raised concerns about press freedom and the treatment of journalists in Pakistan. Supporters of Khan are expressing outrage over what they perceive as an attempt to prevent him from exercising his religious rights and fulfilling his obligations despite having permission from the court.

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