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RSF Militia Commits Massacre in Wad Al Noura, Al Gezira

by Mohammed Ahmed
RSF Militia Allegedly Commits Massacre in Wad Al Noura, Al Gezira

In a harrowing incident, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militia has committed a massacre in the village of Wad Al Noura in Al Gezira, Sudan. The violence erupted after villagers refused to allow the militia entry, fearing imminent looting and destruction.

According to eyewitness accounts and video footage, the RSF responded to the villagers’ resistance with a brutal assault, shelling homes with heavy weaponry. The use of anti-aircraft guns and heavy machine guns led to widespread devastation, with the death toll feared to rise into the hundreds.

The footage, which has been widely shared on social media, shows RSF militiamen lining up their vehicles outside Wad Al Noura and unleashing a barrage of gunfire on the village. The scenes of destruction and loss highlight the severe impact of the attack on the civilian population.

This incident has drawn significant condemnation from human rights organizations and international observers. The RSF, known for its history of human rights abuses, has been accused of numerous atrocities, but this massacre represents one of the most severe acts of violence attributed to the group in recent times.

Local residents had resisted the RSF’s entry into Wad Al Noura, aware of the militia’s reputation for looting and violence. This resistance prompted the RSF to respond with overwhelming and indiscriminate force, targeting homes and civilians.

Humanitarian organizations are now calling for immediate international intervention to protect civilians in Sudan and ensure accountability for the perpetrators. The massacre in Wad Al Noura underscores the ongoing instability and violence in Sudan, where armed groups and militias often operate with impunity.

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