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UN Security Council Backs US-Proposed Israel-Gaza Ceasefire Plan

by Mohammed Ahmed

The United Nations Security Council voted overwhelmingly in favor of a US-proposed ceasefire plan aimed at ending the conflict between Israel and Gaza. The resolution received 14 votes in support, with Russia abstaining.

The comprehensive proposal outlines conditions for a “full and complete ceasefire,” the release of hostages held by Hamas, the return of the remains of deceased hostages, and the exchange of Palestinian prisoners. The plan is structured into three phases, culminating in a multi-year reconstruction effort for Gaza, which has suffered extensive damage due to the ongoing fighting.

Three-Phase Plan

Phase One: Hostage-Prisoner Swap and Short-Term Ceasefire

The initial phase focuses on an immediate swap of hostages and prisoners, coupled with a short-term cessation of hostilities. This is seen as a critical step to build trust between the conflicting parties and set the stage for further peace efforts.

Phase Two: Permanent End to Hostilities and Israeli Withdrawal

The second phase aims to establish a “permanent end to hostilities.” It includes a full withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza, signaling a significant shift towards lasting peace in the region. The specifics of this phase are intended to address and resolve immediate security concerns while paving the way for more stable relations.

Phase Three: Long-Term Reconstruction of Gaza

The final phase focuses on the long-term outlook for Gaza, involving a multi-year reconstruction plan. This phase is designed to rebuild the region’s infrastructure and improve living conditions for its residents, fostering sustainable development and stability.

The resolution follows weeks of intense diplomacy and negotiations. President Joe Biden previously announced that Israel had agreed to the three-phase plan, which aims to achieve a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas escalated dramatically after the October 7 attacks by Hamas on southern Israel, resulting in approximately 1,200 deaths and 251 hostages taken. In response, Israel launched extensive military operations in Gaza. According to the Hamas-run health ministry, the death toll in Gaza has now surpassed 37,000 since the conflict began.

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