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Israeli Soldier Itzhak Buznah Burning a Quran Sparks Outrage

by Mohammed Ahmed

An incident involving an Israeli soldier burning a Quran inside a mosque in Rafah, Gaza Strip, has sparked significant backlash on social media and prompted an official investigation by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The soldier, identified as Itzhak Buznah from the Rotem 435 Battalion of the Givati Brigade, shared the footage of the act on his social media account, drawing widespread condemnation.

The exact date of the video remains unclear, but its rapid circulation on social media platforms has led to a surge of reactions. The footage shows Buznah entering a mosque that had been destroyed in the eastern part of Rafah, holding a Quran, and then throwing it into a fire. The incident has been widely condemned for its disrespect toward religious sentiments.

As the backlash intensified, Buznah removed his profile picture from his social media account and set it to private. In response to the outcry, the Israeli army announced that it had initiated an investigation into the incident. An IDF radio station reported that the soldier’s actions are not representative of the general ethics upheld by the Israeli army.

In an official statement, the IDF said, “This is a serious incident that is inconsistent with the IDF’s values and orders. An investigation has been opened by the Military Police into the incident, at the end of which the findings will be transferred to the Military Advocate General’s Office for examination.” The IDF emphasized that the incident is being taken very seriously, and measures will be taken to ensure accountability.

Notably, the decision to open a Military Police investigation is unusual, given the policy established at the beginning of the conflict to refrain from initiating formal investigations into similar incidents, opting instead for internal unit-level disciplinary actions. This policy typically involved issuing comments or suspensions rather than full investigations.

The incident has also attracted the attention of senior military officials, who are conducting a parallel investigation to identify all soldiers involved in the act. This dual investigation underscores the gravity of the situation and the IDF’s commitment to addressing the breach of conduct.

The burning of the Quran inside a mosque is a particularly sensitive issue, exacerbating tensions and drawing widespread condemnation from various quarters. The act has been seen as a significant provocation, showcasing the disrespect of Israeli soldiers.

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