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Police Rescue Christian Families Amid Violent Mob Attack in Sargodha

by Mohammed Ahmed

In a distressing incident in Sargodha, Punjab, an alleged desecration of the Holy Quran led to violent protests and mob attacks targeting the Christian community. The incident unfolded on Saturday in Mujahid Colony, where an emotionally charged mob gathered outside the homes of Christian residents. The local police, led by Sargodha District Police Officer (DPO) Asad Ejaz Malhi, intervened promptly, dispersing the crowd and rescuing two families from potential harm.

The altercation was triggered by accusations of desecration, igniting tensions and leading to mob violence. Unverified footage circulating on social media depicted scenes of chaos, including a mob surrounding an injured man and others, some appearing to be teenagers, vandalizing furniture outside a house. One video showed what seemed to be household belongings set ablaze. However, DPO Malhi dismissed the social media narrative as fake, explaining that the injured man had fallen, which resulted in his injuries.

The swift police action prevented the situation from escalating further. DPO Malhi emphasized that a large contingent of police was deployed across the district to maintain order, and fortunately, there were no casualties reported. The incident, however, has reignited painful memories of the Jaranwala attacks in August of the previous year, where a mob rampaged through a Christian neighborhood, setting dozens of houses and churches on fire.

Human rights lawyer and politician Jibran Nasir drew parallels between the Sargodha incident and the Jaranwala attacks, condemning the repeated failures of the state to take serious action against such perpetrators. “Another Jaranwala style attack on Christians in Sargodha with [a] mob attacking local community, burning and ransacking property,” Nasir remarked on social media platform X. He criticized the state’s inaction on previous incidents, suggesting it had emboldened those exploiting religious sentiments for criminal acts.

Local police officials, requesting anonymity, stated that they had relocated a Christian family to a safe place amidst the violence. Video clips showed police personnel standing between the agitated mob and private properties, trying to control the situation.

The violence in Mujahid Colony has drawn significant attention, with calls for more robust measures to protect minority communities and prevent the misuse of religious sentiments to incite violence. The incident underscores the ongoing challenges faced in maintaining religious harmony and protecting vulnerable communities in Pakistan.

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